Homemade meals from scratch are the core of this website. The hope is you’ll cook for others as well as for yourself. BChef2Me™ was founded on the belief that being healthy starts with eating healthy, to connect Chefs and neighbors, to help Chefs to grow, promote their cuisine and earn money, and for foodies to reach a better food quality and diversity in a shared platform.


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The appeal of home cooking exists across all cultures. More and more people develop amazing abilities to cook around the world and seek quality over quantity. By using local exchanges, local communities, quality, and seasonal meals, this platform delivers a makeover at the dinner table!

As the platform gains popularity, the next goal is to start hiring. Are you in business, marketing, technology, law, or finance? Do you believe in this food revolution and want to make a difference? Please don’t hesitate to contact BChef2Me by clicking here.


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Homemade meals are on everyone’s minds when it’s about eating well and healthy. All around the world, people are searching for fresh and local produce to make a wholesome meal for their families. Some people don’t find the quality they look for in restaurants, or they want to help their community. And for others, some busy people want a quick time-saving plan to grab a nutritional meal without spending any time in the kitchen.”

“Today, the Internet creates a social space for cooks and consumers to connect. There is now a way to get yourself noticed and paid, for your cooking talents.”


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