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Or Be a Chef and impress your neighbors? As a Chef you will still be able to buy from others.

BChef2Me™, an easy and intuitive platform where you can order homemade cooked meals from your neighbors in 4 easy steps!

Build a better food system from home.

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1. B Local

The map above focus on your neighborhood (Geolocate Me button).

Otherwise, enter your city.


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2. B Specific

Pick your favorite cuisine and select your options: vegetarian, from the farm, high-quality protein, gluten-free…

It is  also a matter of trust and quality at BChef2Me.


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3. B on Time

You select one availability from the Chef. For pick up (to carry out) or delivery.


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4. B Billed

Secure Payment with Paypal

The Website fees (2% 0% !) are on the Chef and the only fee you will take care of is the Paypal fee (a very small %).


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