Homemade meals are on everyone’s minds when it’s about eating well and healthy. All around the world, people are searching for fresh and local produce to make a wholesome meal for their families. Some people don’t find the quality they look for in restaurants or they want to help their community. And for others, some busy people simply just want a quick time-saving plan to grab a nutritional meal without spending any time in the kitchen.

BChef2Me™ is the solution to give you access to chefs around you and connect to other like-minded individuals who care about quality, community, and time.

Buying online meals is a competitive market. There are dozens of websites that offer fully prepared chef-cooked meals, meal kits in a box, frozen entrees, and catering services. Additionally, online grocery shopping has made it easier for busy people to organize their week. Other websites promote nutritional programs that help you set your weight loss goals.

bchef2me how buy homemade food


When it comes to buying a handcrafted meal online, some good tips to consider before purchasing are the following:

  • Consider the neighborhood
  • Look closely to the pictures
  • Read reviews of the chef
  • Quality of the foods, details


What makes BChef2Me unique is its global approach as well as the low FREE! fees commission (plus Paypal). You can search for chefs in most countries in Europe and North America, and all around the world hopefully soon. Wherever you go, there is someone waiting to cook something fresh for you.

How to start buying a meal on BChef2Me is simple:

  • Enter your city, town, or country
  • Choose from a wide variety of meals
  • Compare chefs and prices
  • Choose a delivery or pick up date
  • Register (as a foodie, not a Chef)
  • Pay online
  • Heat up your meal (if needed) and enjoy!


A final note for consideration is to follow up via the social medias with your seller on your meal purchases. This is a good way to foster a business/trust relationship and to support the user community.


Read more: How it Works, Registration Page



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